Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Planting Time

After a trip to the local nursery we arrived home with a trunk full of seedlings.  

We added some fertilizer to the bed to prep for planting and laid out all the plants where they would be planted.
Here is a visual of what we planted.  From seed we planted: Radishes, Beets, Carrots and Parsnips.

We planted rows of marigolds to help with pests every 3 feet.  Here we have garlic and eggplant.

We planted three types of tomatoes: Healthkick (looks like a roma), Grape and Ultrasweet (a beefsteak type).

We also planted many types of peppers:  including hot peppers: cherry bomb, cajun bell, banana, cayenne and habanero.

We also planted early bird sweet red peppers.

Here we have 2 rows of leeks and sweet onions.

Here's our lettuce: muslin mix, green leaf and romaine.

We tried celery again even though it didn't turn into much last year.

At the end of the garden we have bok choi, snap peas, broccoli and cucumber.

Here are 2 pics of the entire bed.

I also planted 2 herb planters.  Last year we had a lot of issues with squirrels so I've added some sticks to keep them out. We potted two nasturtiums plants because I like these in salads (yummy peppery leaves).

Oregano was taking over the back of our yard so before we tore it all out and covered it up I transplanted some to a couple pots.

We also bought a lettuce bowl at the grocery.

Here is our mint pot.  These need to be kept away from any ground as they will send out runners.

And last an aloe plant for mosquito bites.

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