Monday, July 8, 2013

Pak Choi, Broccoli and Seedlings Progressing

This post is from July 15th - 1 Week after planting

After just one week since planting the garden is progressing nicely.  The Pak Choi has probably seen the most growth.  Pak Choi is similar to bak choi and is supposed to be an early producer.  GMF loves this in stir fries so we are excited to grow some of our own.  The brussel sprouts behind are also growing nicely.  

 The broccoli is growing like crazy.  We are definitely going to need to thin these out as I planted 8 of them.  Hoping to give some to friends.  Not sure how well they will transplant but we'll see.  Cucumbers in the back haven't changed to much yet.  Still just baby leaves.

 The other progress is at the other end of the bed.  Our veggies planted from seed are popping through the soil.  We saw the first sign of radishes popping out earlier in the week but now they are all out. I will give these guys a bit longer before I go in a thin them out to about 1 per inch.  The baby leaves are great in salads.  You can also see the beats starting to punch through.  So excited about having early beets this year.  Last year we only planted a fall harvest.

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