Monday, July 8, 2013

Early Progress

This post is from June 12th - 4 days after planting.

I can't believe there is progress in the garden already.  It is this type of constant change that makes gardening exciting.  Just 4 days after planting from starter plants we have our first cherry bomb pepper! This is our first time trying Cherry bombs.  We have one plant of this type. They are a hybridized semi-compact plant which produces high yields of 2.5x1.5 in cherry-shaped fruit.  The peppers have thick walls which I am hoping to stuff with some goodness and grill. There heat rating is 2500-5000 Scoville units (similar to a jalepeno).

 We also have radishes sprouting already from seed in only 4 days!  I knew these were a fast crop but oh my.  So thrilling to see these little guys pushing up from the ground.  We planted two rows of radishes and will probably replant when these are harvested.  I love radishes as a snack, but I had buying a whole bunch of them as I usually don't finish them.  Soon I will be able to go grab a couple from the garden and leave the rest to keep growing.

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