About Me

I am a teacher in southwestern ontario.  I enjoy the outdoors, and spending time with friends.  I grew up camping and playing soccer.  Today I play ultimate and disc golf.  I coach my school soccer team and ultimate team.
I love to cook and watch the food network regularly.  I grew up baking with my mother and starting making my own meals at a young age.   I like having friends and family over for dinner.  I just wish that i enjoyed cleaning up after a meal as much as I liked preparing them.
I lived in an apartment with an enclosed balcony for several years.  The kitchen was a small galley style kitchen.  The combination of having a tiny kitchen and no space for a BBQ or veggie and herb garden was stifling.  Now that I have my own house I love creating food in my kitchen or even better cooking on the BBQ in the yard.
My ideal day is a nice saturday afternoon grilling with friends and playing yard games, then settling around the fire for s'mores as the sun sets.  Many of my fondest memories are from gatherings in a backyard or on a campsite.  From simple family meals outdoors with my dad grilling and my brothers and I playing games on the lawn to elegant backyard weddings and everything in between.

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