Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Springs finally here!

Ok so I know I've been absent from the blog world for a while but this winter would just never end! 
This week it is finally feeling like spring here in London Ontario. So I got out in the backyard this weekend. 1st on the to do list was weeding and prepping the raised beds. Weeding wasn't that though but I can tell I'm gonna have to stay on top of it more this year. The older the raised beds are the more likely things are growing there that shouldn't (Arg sometimes my body feels like that too). I found this clump of roots that I'm not sure what they belong too (any ideas?)
Gmf suggested leeks but I don't think they were in the right spot for that. 

I also added some rock dust, fertilizer and blood meal to the garden to help replenish the nutrients all the veg ate last summer and keep the animals out. 

The spinach that was left to over winter is doing ok but there's not much of it. (Maybe enough to add to a tiny salad). 
Should have got a better close up of that. I can also see the garlics popping up. I hope they work but I am afraid I might have white rot in my soil (my garlic didn't work last year, and I discovered a clove with a bit of fuzzies on it). Argh. 
I also think I have some bunching onions poppin through that I didn't expect:  
Should I split these up?  I don't have a lot of experience in these areas so any suggestions would be great. 

Today I rushed home from work and went right outside (it was a whopping 10 degrees. Whohoo!). I planted all the cold weather hearty things I could find. 
Kohl rabi
More spinach
Cherry bell radishes
Sparkler white tip radish
Crimson giant radish
Candy cane beets
Detroit red beets
Buttercrunch lettuce
Early curled Simpson lettuce
Grand Rapids lettuce
Mesclun mix
Purple haze carrot
Tender sweet long hybrid carrot
And turnips. 

Can't wait to have my first harvest. 
I'm trying three different kinds of radish in hopes to find a more milder version for snacking. 

Thanks for reading. 

And here's a picture of my snow graveyard of a backyard. Rain deer must be hybernating for the summer. Better get them into the cooler basement soon.