Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fast Pickled Banana Peppers

So I've got many banana peppers coming off the two plants I have now and GMF has been begging me to pickle some, so a couple days ago I finally did.  This is my first pickling experience but I think there will be many more to come this summer and fall.  I am really looking forward to pickling beets  (I LOVE pickled beets - even as a kid when I was the pickiest eater ever pickled beets was always a safe bet with me, I know weird eh?).  This pickling technique is just for keeping in the fridge it is not properly canned for storing in a pantry.  Will work on that technique later when I have bigger batches (then I have to find room to store stuff, we don't have a pantry!  thats going to be interesting!)  This jar will last several weeks in the fridge.  Which is fine because we'll eat it in that time.  

Ok so here are the peppers I used they are all just green but we wanted to get a jar in the fridge for BBQ'd burgers and sandwiches.  There are 5 here but I only ended up fitting 4 in the jar.  I also added 2 cayenne peppers with seeds to add a little heat and 4 garlic cloves sliced in half.

 I sliced up all the peppers and put them in a mason jar.  Looks exiting all ready.

Then I boiled half vinegar and half water with the juice from a 1/2 lemon.  
Here is a pick of what it looked like after I poured the hot liquid over the peppers.  

After about 18 hours sitting on the counter it was ready for the fridge and eating!  The peppers mellowed in colour and the garlic turned a little blueish.  I read up on this on the interwebs and it seems that is normal!  Here is a very good explanation (starts in the second paragraph) of why this happens:.  Such an interesting read and after finding this post I think I am going to follow his columns.


  1. Just FYI... I have found that pickled stuff in the fridge will actually last several months if you ensure all of the food is covered. Pickling uses vinegar - "bad stuff" doesn't grown in vinegar...

    1. Thanks for the info. This jar is almost gone though! Yum.