Friday, July 26, 2013

Montreal Spiced Chicken and Chili Lime Grilled Veg!

Tonight I made a simple BBQ'd chicken and veg dish.  When GMF came home it was ready on the patio table!  I love eating dinner outside.  We even had a guest show up at dinner time.  A little wee bunny.  Unfortunately I didn't have my phone near by to take a picture and when I went to get one I got a splinter in my big toe (ouchie!).  Anyways splinter came out and bunny hung out with us for a while as we enjoyed our dinner.
The chicken was marinated in McCormick's Montreal chicken spice and beer for a couple hours.  Then removed from the marinade and patted dry with paper towel and more Montreal chicken spice was added.  Then the chicken was grilled on the BBQ at medium heat.  If you want extra sauce to dip your chicken in simply reduce more beer with Montreal chicken spice.  I always love extra sauce :)

For the veggies I made a drizzle with 3 tablespoons rice vinegar, olive oil, and lime juice.  Then added 1 tbs of honey, roasted garlic paste, and 2 fresh fresh copped cayenne peppers.   Add in a large bunch of chopped fresh cilantro.   (see image below)
Then chop up some veg: I used onion, red pepper and broccoli (my go to veg trio).   I also washed off 4 whole carrots.   I tossed all these veg in a bit of oil, salt and a little of the drizzle then grilled over low heat.  The carrots will take longer than the other veg so put them on the grill about 5 minutes before the rest on indirect heat.  When finish top all veg with the drizzle and serve!

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