Friday, July 26, 2013


Grill-A-Snacks have a long history in our family.  I grew up making these at the campfire at our family trailer in Muskoka in the summers.  For several years we hosted an annual Grill-A-Snack competition, were things got very interesting.  Perhaps some others can send me your favourite Grill-A-Snack recipe and pictures for me to post.Tonight I made a dessert snack.  With Caramilk, peanut butter, marshmallow and I dusting of  sugar, chocolate and cinnamon on top when done using a PC spice grinder.

To make a grill-a-snack you need a pie iron which you can buy at any camping store or store that carries camping equipment.  Typically I use bread as the outside but you can use other things.  I have used puff pastry in one of the old competitions.  Bread is easiest.  You need to make sure you butter the outsides of the bread.  In this snack I spread the peanut butter, cut up the Caramilk and the Marshmallow.  This is one to share even one sandwhich is a lot of sugar.  
Here's the snack being cooked on the fire.  You want to cook it over nice red coals.  

Here it is the finished product ready to eat.  You can see the caramel and the marshmallow oozing out the sides after its been cut.  

This is a classic pizza one that GMF made.  I didn't get a pic of it cut open.  Inside this is cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni and onion.   This is a great dinner while camping (or in the backyard).

Don't forget to send me your favourite pie iron recipes and pictures to post.

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