Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tasty treats

With a couple very warm days here in Ontario (up to 45 degrees Celsius with the humidex) our tomatoes and peppers are ripening at a good rate. Won't be long before I have to take them all inside though for risk of frost. I've already pruned all the plants so all their energy goes into the fruit already formed instead of new growth (sad).

GMF has been making some new creations. First he made kale pizza. He sautéed the kale in oil and garlic (kitchen smelled so tasty). Then put that on a naan brea with some I onions, peppers and cheese. And roasted them in the oven. I snuck a piece of the kale before pizza stage and it was delicious. He also made an eggplant dish. He topped roasted eggplant with marinara sauce cheese and a big tomato slice and broiled till the cheese melted. He made lots of these and had some for dinner and lunch the next day. I'm sure it would freeze well also.
I also created something a tiny bit different in the dessert department (using nothing from the garden though). Chewy fudge brownies with peanut butter icing and score bits on top. Soo yummy. I made them on Saturday and planned to take half ino work to share. But oops we ate all of them (uh oh). I'll have to make them again sometime soon for work.
Hope everyone else is enjoying their end of summer.

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