Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Harvest: Aug 26th - Sept2

Sorry i haven't been posting much. This is the first week of school so i've been busy getting prepared. I think i've got a new system down though. I'll post on the bus ride on the way into work via my phone.

Last week was a very successful harvest.   The carrots are almost gone (will plant more next year).  Here is a good batch of them I picked when my parents visited last week.

We also harvested our first leeks  (they are small because I don't get around to thinning them or piling up the soil around them, but they are tasty) and our first habaneros (they are bright orange and ohhh so hot!).
 Our fall lettuces are growing great, and at the stage where we can harvest baby green (I love baby greens - they are so tender and light tasting).

We also made our first onion string last week.  Small and not necessary with that few onions but we were excited about doing it none the less. Check out the photos below:

Our cucumbers are still producing like crazy, I'm having trouble keeping up.  And our tomatoes are ripening nicely.  

The last remaining broccoli plant is producing some nice size side shoots.  If I do broccoli again next year I have definitely learned they need a lot of space, so I would only plant a couple and leave them to keep producing off shoots.  This year I had to remove most of the plants after the main heads because they were taking over the garden space and the veg around them were suffering.

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