Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grow it! Cook it! Eat it! Live it!

I am starting a new linked in blog series.  The series will be a weekly showcase of locally grown food, cooked simply, and enjoyed with love.  Each week I will post a recipe of something that I have cooked throughout the week and I invite fellow bloggers to do the same.  The idea is to connect garden bloggers with recipe bloggers, as these two things are so connected.  I was inspired to create this blog from my sister in law, who after reading my last post commented on how she really enjoyed how my blog combined these two things.  The blogs that I follow are almost entirely vegetable gardener bloggers or recipe bloggers.  Some of them are both, like me!.
This series will open on saturdays each week and be open till thursday.  I would love it if you could share a recipe that you have made this week.  Be sure to link back to the series on your post so others can connect.  I  find series blogging very inspiring and a great way to stumble upon amazing blogs I had not read before.  

So post your link here to be part of the first ever Grow it! Cook it! Eat it! Live it! series, and keep coming back each week to see what everyone is cooking!



  1. Good Luck with this Linky. I'd love to join in, probably start next week.