Saturday, August 24, 2013

Steak & Potato to the max!

Friday night I grilled what turned out to be one of my favourite meals of the summer!!  I bought a whole beef tenderloin at the super store and GMF carved into 9 individual steaks, 1 larger portion for an asian beef dish, 2 roasts and we used the tip for fajitas.  The fajitas were AMAZING!!  Next time I make them I'll do a post about them.  We marinated all the steaks in Perfect Steak Marinade.  We get ours at Canadian Tire and it is our favourite steak marinade.  Thanks to my parents for pointing us in the direction of this marinade.  All the steaks we weren't eating soon we marinaded in freezer bags and threw in the freezer.  We freeze everything in marinade, not only does it give the food a fantastic depth of flavour, but it also prevents freezer burn.  On to the dinner:  It consisted of steak, potatoes, onion, cherry bomb peppers, carrots and micro greens.  The cut up new potatoes where tossed in paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, sage, salt and pepper, and a little oil.  They were then placed on the grill at medium-high heat with small whole onions and whole cherry bomb peppers.  They were grilled for about 40 minutes turning regularly to develop a crispy outsides and a deep flavour.  The carrots were tossed in a little oil and grilled whole for about 20 minutes on medium-low heat.  When It was time to put the steaks on the grill I added sprigs of rosemary to the potatoes.  Crispy rosemary is delicious and surprisingly sweet.  The steaks were grilled on high heat to sear then heat was reduced to medium.  Steaks were turned every minute to keep the juices moving.  We like our steaks rare so they were taken off the grill to rest in tin foil for about 10 minutes at around 115-120 degrees.  At this time I crushed about 5 garlic cloves over the potatoes on the grill allowed them to sauté.  I also whipped up some chili-lime sauce for the greens and carrots.  And voila: here's a pic of my meal below.  I was amazed at how good the potatoes were - they may have been my favourite part (I know what your thinking all that delicious beef and potatoes were your favourite? but its true.  The beef was amazing though and the cherry bomb pepper was so spicy and sweet once it was roasted.  wow).

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