Thursday, August 22, 2013

Garden Update

The colours in the garden are changing from greens to reds!  Hot peppers and tomatoes are all ripening.  Our eggplant plants are overrun with fruit.  The brussel sprouts are starting for form on their stalks.   We have taken out all but one broccoli plant removed all the lettuces and planted some new lettuces for the fall from seed.  I've also planted some kohl rabi (not sure if they are going to have enough time, but we'll see).  Fall radishes and beets have also been planted in some spaces in between.  

  Here are the tomatoes:  finally the larger ones are turning red!  We have grape (which have been ripening continuously all summer), Health kick (these are loaded with lycopene - they taste delicious) and Ultra sweet (this is a beefsteak variety- they are so large and taste yummy and sweet).

The eggplants are really ramping up their game, GMF has been enjoying them in eggplant parmesan.  

 We planted some fall beets and lettuces and they have all started coming up now.

 Our last broccoli plant is still producing.

I can barely keep up with the cucumber.  They are a slicing variety (can't remember exactly what they were called).  I'm not a fan of pickles so I don't do that, I just eat the cucumbers fresh and in salads.

The hot peppers are literally ripening in hours.  I look at them in the morning and their green and I get home from work and they are bright red.  I am so excited to make hot sauces soon.  I've got cajun bell, cherry bomb, habenero and TONS of cayenne.

Here are the brussel spouts.  They look so neat growing on the stalk.  I'm not a big fan of brussel sprouts but GMF will love them.

For this post I'm linking up with An Oregon Cottage's Garden Party series.  Check out what other people have going on in their gardens.

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