Thursday, August 22, 2013

Harvest (not monday) - Aug 12th-19th

Ok so I've been behind on blogging this week, but I'm gonna post a couple today.  Summer is coming to an end and I went back to work this week.  In our school board we run an orientation program for incoming grade 9's.  I teach that program and it ran mon-thur this week.  I enjoy doing it because I get to meet the students a head of time.  I teach 4 classes of grade 9's this year.

Alrighty on to the garden stuff!!!  So this past week I had a pretty good harvest with a variety of crops.  I picked more beets, which I need to pickle and can ASAP.  They were a very nice size.  I still have a small row growing for fall harvest.  There was a continuous flow of grape tomatoes, but still no larger ones (soon though).  I harvested some basil for making salads.  I also was excited to harvest the first of my onions.  They are not that big because I didn't get them thinned out.  I will also plant them in rows parallel to the fence and bed next year instead of perpendicular to it like this year.  Because they were perpendicular the greens were reaching for the sun and leaning on each other which caused them to flop over early.  Live and Learn!  That is kinda my slogan for this year as I planted lots of different things to see what would work best.

 This is a runt of a cajun bell pepper. Not sure why this little guys didn't grow big but he was tasty!
 I also harvested a couple small groups of rainbow carrots.  I will definitely plant more of these next year.  I also did a saturday spotlight post on these last weekend.  Look at how beautiful the colours are!

This is part of a series of posts that called Harvest Monday over at Daphne's Dandelions.  Check out what other people harvested this past week as well.

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