Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This is my first blog.  I am a teacher in southern ontario.  At the end of last summer I bought my first house after living in an apartment for years. The best part about owning a house for me is having a yard to spend the days in.  Many of my fondest memories are from gatherings in a backyard.  Whether it be as simple as a family dinner outside, or as fancy as a beautiful backyard wedding and everything in between.  When I lived in the apartment i was lucky to have a large beautiful park right next door and I would have regular BBQ's in the park with friends (but lugging my camping grill down to the park was not so much fun).  As the weather is getting nicer outside I am excited to enjoy my own backyard.  Some of the projects I have in mind for this summer is growing my first vegetable garden, making a cob oven, and sewing bench cushions for the large built-in benches on my deck. In this blog I will post updates on the garden, the oven, and recipes.  I hope you enjoy and get some ideas for your yard.  I also look forward to all the suggestions and comments from you.

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  1. Hi Jen - looking forward to seeing how the yard progresses. That's one hell of a BBQ you have!