Monday, October 14, 2013

Harvest Monday - Oct 14th

It's that time again, Harvest Monday.  This series is hosted by Daphne and is a great place to see what people are harvesting all over the world.  So head on over to Daphne's Dandelions and take a peak.

Here is what I harvested this week.  I made a gift basket of veg and herbs for a friend that often gives me rides to our Ultimate games.  I play Ultimate (frisbee) regularly, if you've never heard of this sport you should check it out is a great combination of football, basketball and soccer strategies.  It is excellent exercise and fun for all skill levels. Back to the harvest:  I harvested some lettuce regularly for salads, herbs such as basil, parsley and oregano was given away to friends.  I'm still picking cucumbers which is awesome!!  There are still several egg plants also (I gave this one away to another Ultimate friend and he made eggplant parmesan with it and said his kids loved it!).  There are still lots of leeks in the garden as well varying in size, this one was a big one.  And hot peppers, oh my I feel like I'm over run with hot peppers.  I have been giving these away to work and ultimate friends.

This was probably the most exciting harvest of the week, my first parsnip ever!  I was making Chicken pot pie and needed a parsnip - check my post about that recipe.  So out we went to harvest one.  We were going to leave them all till after the frost but when a recipe calls for parsnip you pick parsnips!
I went to pull on the green tops like I do to pull up carrots, but the tops just popped off the root.  So I dug to the root and was shocked to see how big it was.  It was over 2.5 inches in diameter.  I tried to pull from the top of the root but it wouldn't come up that way either.  We needed to dig all around to get this massive parsnip out of the ground.  We did damage it a little trying to remove it but there was more than enough goodness left for what I needed.

Here are two of the smaller leaks that also when into the chicken pot pie.

The grape tomato plant is the only one left as I removed my other two (health kick and ultra sweet) last week.  This one still has several tomatoes but they need to be picked a little early or they are splitting on the vines.

And more hot peppers!!  Cherry bomb, habanero, and cayenne.  I am not surprised by the number of cayennes or even the habaneros as they have been on the plant green for a while and just needed to turn colour.  But the cherry bombs came out of the no where, we thought this plant was almost done about  a month ago, but then all of a sudden it started producing many new fruit very quickly, more than it was making mid summer.

I've got to get on clearing some space in my garden for my garlic to over winter.
What are you still harvesting?  Are you planting anything to overwinter?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. Very nice peppers and nice sized leek! amazing that you're still getting eggplants this late in season.

    1. I know I am very surprised. I am reading all about other people having frosts and I can't believe that I haven't had one here yet.

  2. Your display of the tray of veggies is very pretty and I wish I was still harvesting cucumbers! How nice to give the gift basket of veggies and herbs to a friend! I have never heard of Ultimate frisbee but it sounds like something that I would like to do and so fun! Thank you for visiting my blog!! Nancy

  3. Hey Jen! Been meaning to check out your blog - it looks great! Congrats on a great harvest this year! We've had a brilliant summer and September in (my) London this year, so at Thanksgiving I still had loads of red tomatoes for the salad! (Last year it was getting so cold at this time so I had picked them all and we had to eat green tomatoes!) Looks like the season is coming to a close now though. My parents always grow loads of hot peppers, dry them out on their food de-hydrator and then crinkle them up in little pieces and keep them in spice jars for spicy goodness all year round!

  4. Beautiful harvests. I wish I had leeks this year for soup. I haven't planted them in a couple of years though.

  5. The hot peppers look very pretty! I bet they will be tasty and they freeze well too.

  6. Nice harvest! I'd love to be the recipient of that mixed basket in your first photo. I am also a big fan of parsnips - I grow them every year. They are particularly nice roasted.